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Guinea pigs, golden hamsters or cats? Many people want an animal that gives them great pleasure and keeps them company. However, the purchase should be considered carefully as keeping a pet is responsible. See of critique.

Pet owners should be responsible

Pet owners should be responsible

Having a pet requires unconditional love, patience, and care. Pet owners should be responsible enough to tame their pets.

Taking to the veterinarian when your pet is sick is one way to become a responsible one. Being responsible and financially ready should be the first thing you have in mind.

Above all, the recurring costs of animal husbandry should not be underestimated.


Because paying the purchase price alone is not enough. For a four-legged friend from noble breeding, animal lovers often have to pay several thousand Swiss francs.

Even those who choose a cat or dog from the shelter can sometimes expect to pay a hefty sum. Our credit for the pet can be a cheap financing option.

Credit for dog surgery


Since pets are not insured, all costs incurred must be paid by the owner himself. Imagine the following situation: You are walking in nature with your German Shepherd and he runs enthusiastically across the country.

Suddenly you hear a pitiful whine and your four-legged friend comes limping towards you. Of course, go straight to the vet, who will find a cruciate ligament tear.

Surgical intervention is often inevitable in these circumstances – and this medical treatment is an expensive necessity. If you do not have the required cash at this time, our credit will help you with your dog’s surgery.

Credit for the operation of the cat


According to popular belief, the domestic cat has seven lives. In reality, however, it looks different: If they get under the wheels in road traffic, this also leads to significant bone fractures in domestic cats.

In this case, the room tiger must be operated on as quickly as possible to get back on its paws. If you do not have the financial resources for your pet, our credit for cat surgery can help you.

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